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WELCOME to Tyrex (Shepshed) Ltd


Tyrex (Shepshed) Ltd was founded over thirty-five years ago offering customers an excellent service in tyres, exhausts and batteries. We still offer those services, but with a much larger premises and the addition of servicing and general repairs to our business.

We've invested heavily in Tyrex (Shepshed) Ltd in recent years, putting technology at the forefront of what we do. We also invested in our premises, which has given us much more room to house our customers' cars as well as a much larger and more comfortable reception and waiting room.

Clay Naylor, owner of Tyrex (Shepshed) Ltd, has been at the helm for the last three decades, along with most of his dedicated staff, most of whom have been here almost as long. Our ethos is simple: good, honest advice, and reliable work.

We are very conveniently located in the centre of Shepshed, and very close to Junction 23 of the motorway.


  • We offer a sincere, honest, and hard-working service at very good prices. We stock over 2,000 tyres on our premises alone and can get any other tyre within a day. The same goes for the parts needed to fix our customer's vehicles.
  • We've recently expanded the business to keep pace with demand, whilst still offering the reliable service we have become known for.
  • Technology is a must for us, and we have installed a second latest, class-leading Hunter 4-wheel alignment system, just one of the many things we like to do to keep our customer's cars safe on the road.

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Well talk about damsel in distress. 
Today has been one of those days,
traveling to shepshed I went through long whatton up smithy lane, a branch came off the tree and quick as a flash I couldn't go anywhere but over it. This resulted in my tyre becoming completely flat. Being a women I panicked that one: it could of hit my car and two: what to do next.
Tyrex shepshed,came to my rescue and Mark was a proper hero. 
Got me up and running with a spare and sent me on my way to the garage to be properly checked over for more damage. 
Unfortunately its knackered my wheel but I made it home in one piece thanks to the lovely guys of tyrex.
Clay Naylor your business was a god send and I can't thank you all enough. 
So if anyone is looking for a reliable, friendly business you can really rely on tyrex is your place for all your automobile queries.

Just had to e mail again to say a massive big thank you yet again to your garage, especially to mark again!!!! I had a heater pipe go on me on my way home from shopping. I came straight to the garage and, as usual, the service was just so much more than anyone could ever wish for. I had loads of shopping in the car due to morrisons opening that day. mark arranged for someone from our garage, a lovely man but don't know his name sadly. this kind man brought me home to my door and carried my shopping in for me. such kindness I can hardly believe. mark was, as usual, his efficient, knowledgeable and kind person and I was sorted in minutes and the car was ready for me the next morning. the bill was so reasonable and your garage again came to my rescue. thanks so much to all of you for giving me a service I can trust implicitly and I believe that to be a very rare thing in this day and age. Andrea Roper - 262 Fairway Road, Shepshed


Thx to Mr Hollis and Tyrex being honest saved me a fortune, thank you all

Carol Wooldridge

As long as the servicing agent is VAT registered and carries out the service to the spec of what should be required. all is good, Hence a trip to your local Tyrex can save you a fortune!

Matt Wilcox

To mr clay naylor-owner

just felt i had to put pen to paper and say a massive thank you to one of your mechanics,mark,who has helped me a few times now with my car,as a single woman it is very hard to find an honest and knowledgable man in a garage,one who is very pleasant and helpful,and one that instills trust.I can only say that he has helped me so much and i am very grateful. thank you for your service