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We stock all common tyre sizes in all leading brands, in both premium and budget, including Continental, Dunlop, Semperit, Goodyear, Uniroyal, Hankook, Toyo and Michelin.

In the unlikely event that we haven't got the size or brand you want in stock we have great relationships with our suppliers and we can get it for you – fast. We have over 1,000 of tyres on the premises in many sizes so you can be sure that in nearly all cases we'll be able to fit the tyres you need straight away.

We supply tyres for all cars and light commercial vehicles, as well as uncommon sizes for sports cars, 4X4s and high performance vehicles. We also hold the most common sizes in winter tyres in stock as well, and offer puncture repair.

You'll find that we offer highly competitive prices on our tyres.

Come and see us and we'll give your tyres the once over and advise you about your tyres' tread and wear and tear.

For only £15.00+ VAT we can also quickly get it on our state-of-the-art Hunter HawkEye alignment system to check your wheel alignment and advise on any remedial action that needs to be taken. See our wheel alignment page for more details.

Come and see the tyres we have to offer and we guarantee you will like our competitive prices!


Premium brands offer top quality tyres and unrivalled performance, but they do come at a cost. With all the money that is put into the design, the research and the high quality materials being reflected in the final price. Due to the high quality they do outperform and out last the smaller brands, making them a worth the extra investment.


As the name suggests these sit between the premium and budget tyres as far and both quality and price go. The brands might not be as well known as the premium brands but they still invest heavily in design and testing, so you still know you are getting a high quality product but at a more reasonable price. You can still get a lot of miles out of them depending how much driving you do and your driving style. 


As the name suggests these tyres are the cheapest on the market. They will do a job for you, especially in summer conditions. However, you will not get the same longevity and performance over time as you would from a premium or mid-range tyre. They usually last around 7,000 – 8,000 miles, compared to the 15,000- 20,000 miles you will get from a premium tyre. They are also not as effective in bad weather conditions, so they aren’t a great choice over winter. 

Mid range tyres


Often made by premium tyre manufacturers 

  • Greater durability than budget brands
  • Lower cost than premium 


  • Higher initital price than budget brands  
  •  Pros 
    • Lowest upfront cost


    • Performance tends to be worse
    • Least durability
    • Less investment in new technology 
    • Premium
    • Pros 

      • Access to latest technology
      • Greater durability
      • Best performance 


      • Highest initial price