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Services and Repair

Many motorists with vehicles under manufacturers' warranty are under the misguided impression that any servicing, maintenance or repairs must be carried out by the authorised dealer otherwise their warranty is invalidated.

This is not the case.

As long as your service centre is VAT-registered, and as long as the parts used are genuine manufacturer parts then the vehicle can be serviced and repaired at another centre – and that includes us!

We will contact the manufacturer of your car to make sure that we have the latest and correct version of parts needed. You will find that we are cheaper than most main dealers for servicing and repairs.

In keeping with our focus on technology, we have computerised diagnostic equipment that allows us to spot a possible fault within minutes. Our skilled mechanics can then get on to the job of fixing it.

We offer servicing and repairs on all major makes and model of car or light commercial vehicle. The most important thing is that we only use excellent quality, spares and parts – at competitive prices.

Our services include:

  • TYRES - We stock all major brands
  • BATTERIES - We offer a free battery check
  • EXHAUSTS - All exhaust work can be undertaken here
  • SERVICING AND GENERAL REPAIRS - Save money AND keep your warranty
  • WHEEL ALIGNMENT - Come and see our state-of-the-art Hunter wheel alignment systems
  • TIMING BELTS - Timing belt repairs and installments
  • BRAKES - Brake servicing, repairs and upgrades
  • CLUTCH - Clutch repairs and installments
  • MOTs - ARRANGED and M.O.T. repairs carried out
  • FAULT CODE READING - With the latest computer technology



R1234YF gas, if your car is manufactured from january 2017 you will have the latest refrigerant in your car.

Some cars also have this latest gas from 2014